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After many years in the clothing industry, we felt that it was time to try something different. As it happens, a friend invited us to visit a workshop in Indonesia where hardworking craftspeople build the most stunning handmade furniture. The minimalist design in 1950s Chandigarh style and the production process quickly had us convinced. Born out of a love for this trade and the environment, Detjer was established in 2019.

What makes our furniture so unique is the natural method of production. But aside from remarkable craftsmanship, sustainability of our products is at least as important a part of our concept. All our handcrafted chairs, cabinets and other pieces are made from Mindi wood. This timber comes from oak trees grown on Indonesian plantations and is known for its lovely grain. Also, all our handcrafted furniture is FLEGT (Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade)

detjer stool.jpg
detjer bench.jpg
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