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The foyer, in its original meaning, referred to the fireplace area. Today, we refer to it as a specialized social hall, which serves to refresh and relax the audience during breaks. We stay true to the meaning of the word and add leisure jobs for short-term and long-term tasks.

Come and visit our, which also works as an intimate co-working hub, an occasional event spot or a photography studio. We are located in the alley of vnitroblock and you can't miss us. It is best to contact us before your visit so that we can devote ourselves fully to you.

marslab s.r.o.

stavitelská 1100/8

praha 6 –dejvice

160 00

IČO 0913249

FOYER and co.working hub

dělnická 32 (vnitroblock alley)

praha 7 – holešovice

170 00 visit:

+420 728 428 727

co.working booking:


+420 728 428 727

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