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Vlastimil Šenkýř

Vlastimil Šenkýř.jpg

Vlastimil Šenkýř graduated from the Glass Studio at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague (2019) under the guidance of Rony Plesl, which he completed with a diploma thesis entitled Lapis philosophorum. He won an award (2020) in the international TALENTE competition for a project aimed at creating "unnatural" stones through experiments with colored glass and metal oxides. He also follows up on the experimental approach and crossing material boundaries in his other collections. The designer focuses on the production of silicone jewelry, ceramic and glass products. For all three specializations, he explores the possibilities of these materials through various experiments and experiments.

In 2021 Vlastimil created, together with another promising glass artist Anna Jožová, newbrand KOMBO studio.

The vases are in the author's collections of a limited number of pieces, the pieces may differ from each other.

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