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studio Loop Loop 


Loop Loop was nonchalantly born from a collaboration between Odin Visser and Charles Gateau. Odin is an expert in product development, lighting and industrial design, Charles brings together materials science, research and niche production techniques. They joined forces to explore a design and production approach that challenges the current paradigms in the field.

Loop Loop navigates the tension between industry and craft, between mass production and one-offs. The main goal is to extend product life through its design and production. Holistically looking at modularity, simplicity of build, reversibility, pieces of serial tracking, local and social production. To close the loop we applied our research outcomes on our first own lighting collection called LOOP ONE. Latest output is a portable anodising line: The Magic Colour Machine, this setup allows to apply strong, non-petroleum-based, reversible colour coatings on aluminium. Being able to reproduce the process at a micro scale allows freedom of hacking it, which resulted in an extremely precise, computer-driven colouring process that applies anodized colour gradients.

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