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studio David Pompa


Studio davidpompa creates unique objects with a strong commitment to materials rooted within Mexican culture. A collective work of creative people, developing a unique visual language. Based in the heart of Mexico City in la Roma Norte neighborhood, the studio is on a constant journey to discover new aspects of craftsmanship and materiality. The pieces study the interaction between crafts and visual language, each of them reflecting a new chapter of the studio’s story. The collection is shaped by a timeless aesthetic that is translated into forms and natural finishes, enhanced by light. A commitment to create objects of high quality, both strongly tactile and beautifully crafted.

David studied design at Kingston Univesity in London. In 2008 he founded studio davidpompa.

Always intrigued about Mexican culture, his quest for new forms and materials continues together with his passion for a collective work with a young creative team.

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