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Patrik Kriššák

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Patrik Kriššák's inspiration is diverse and with it his expression naturally changes. He creates a thematic series of paintings in which he always consistently develops certain ideas and his relationship to reality. He is interested in nature, he is not indifferent to how it will develop further. His paintings reflect values ​​that we may lose or that we have been losing for years or decades. They think about the events that may not take place right before our eyes, they often remain hidden from most of us, but they still significantly affect our and not only our future. One of the painter's most significant cycles consists of impressive paintings inspired by the infinitely changing shapes of coral reefs, which are an integral part of the beautiful underwater worlds and which our civilization is increasingly threatening. PK is far from the only artist who is enchanted by their charm and beauty. However, it is undoubtedly one of those who can find the means of expression with which to express it convincingly. His work has an ecological subtext, but it looks optimistic, bright and natural, as if we don't have to worry about the future. He is also inspired by the development of some artistic trends of the last century, technical discoveries and the possibilities that these discoveries bring to artistic expression. Sometimes he uses quotes or interpretations of the work of great personalities of the second half of the 20th century, but with the use of completely different or even contrasting means of expression. He comes up with his own artistic methods, which allow him to express his ideas in a special way. An energetic gesture is projected into his speech, but the images have a precisely determined rhythm. He often chooses pure color tones, he has a sense of their harmony. His painting has a strong structure, it looks relaxed and natural, it evokes pleasant feelings, even though it is actually critical of our society. The artist's work is naturally influenced by the current lifestyle associated with the unprecedented development of natural sciences, technology, electronics and especially with the transformation of communication between people, with the digitization of all areas of human activity and sometimes with too much intertwining the real world with the virtual. It features features that allow us to pass messages faster and faster. However, this does not mean that we understand each other better than in the past. PK does not show reality, but the impression he has on him. He deals with the relationship between man and his environment, he is often interested in the ruthless appropriation and deformation of nature by our civilization. The simpler he expresses himself, the more convincing, comprehensible and also aesthetically appealing his painting is.

text: Jiří Machalický​

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