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Global Weirding

Every known biological species comes with an expiration date. Homo sapiens is no exception.                                                                                   Lukáš Likavčan, Spectral Earth

Certain imaginary about the end of the world is depicted in our minds already as an archetype.  End of the world or so called apocalypse should have brought us a great sceneria, a dramatic catastrophe on a global scale that provides us with a certainty that it is the end of the world we all have been waiting for. In christian mythology, the only way to
encounter God here on earth is precisely during the events of the last days, such a heavenly occurrence makes most atheist christians feel intensely excited on an unconscious level. Some of them have in the name of ‘’prepping’’ collected gear and equipment that increases the chances for survival in such a non hostile environment as an apocalypse truly is. Other theories emerged interpreting the end of the world through the events of agricultures invention, distribution of linguistics, industrial revolution, cybernetical optimization, Donald Trumps election… one way or the other, we have come in peace with our own extinction, we are intuitively intrigued by it, thus every fragment of recycled plastics brings us closer to heavenly salvation.

And precisely there lies the issue of the end of the world as such, likewise other phenomenons, even apocalypse is not as we have imagined it to be. No global fires, floods,
earthquakes, rapid temperature changes could ever gain the status of the end of the world in our eyes. Cynicism or woke lethargy is not quite adequate eighter. Indeed thanks to the contingency of particular catastrophes and in the aftermath of convoluted layerdness, we can never be quite sure how this whole thing comes out to be.

When we allow ourselves to be willing to decline today´s rotten anthropocentric understanding of our existence, we can be welcomed in the new world of possibilities full of new inspirations to learn from. Biodiversity presents us with various concepts of planetary coordinations that are intimate to us if we approach them with more sensitivity.


The problem is thus not so much whether we will become extinct, but how we will cope with the truth of that extinction, and subsequently how we will design for extinction.

Ironically, it is our very capacity for technological Invention that has secured us such a dominant position in the world which may lead ultimately to (as some have put it)

                                                                                                                         'The End of Man'.

text: DESERT NIKE by Ivana Pavlíčková

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