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Anna Jožová

anna jozova

Anna Jožová has been studying (since 2017) under the leadership of Mr. Rony Plesl at the Glass atelier of UMPRUM Praha. She likes to deal with experimental techniques in glass and porcelain and tries to create new unique objects while combining (at first sight) inhomogeneous materials.

Despite author's relatively young age, Jožová's works have already been presented at a few prestigious exhibitions (London Design Fair, Designblok, Dutch Design Week).

In 2018, Jožová designed and created the trophy for Global Championship Playoffs and her work is an integral part of the exposition at Moravian Gallery in Brno. In 2019, she attended a half-year study at Otago Polytechnic (NZ) that significantly affected the next direction of her creating. In 2021 Anna created, together with another promising glass artist Vlastimil Šenkýř, newbrand KOMBO studio. 

The vases are in the author's collections of a limited number of pieces, the pieces may differ from each other.

lolipop 1.jpg
frozen 3.jpg
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