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KOMBO studio


Anna Jožová, a student of the Glass Studio at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, nominated for the Czech Grand Design 2020 Award, and Vlastimil Šenkýř, winner of TALENTE2020, joined forces to create a collection of KOMBO vases. Vases are the intersection of the experimental approaches of both authors and excel in modular morphology and the use of a mysterious ingredient, which the authors named Snake Mix. The connection between Anna Jožová and Vlastimil Šenkýř is the desire to research and shift the material and shape possibilities of glass. Mainly thanks to experiments with various additives that they add to the glass mass, their products acquire a distinctive character. In the new collection of Kombo vases, he develops techniques typical for his work - icing, the use of mica or metal oxides, and he also brings a completely new ingredient to his game with glass, called Snake Mix.

Kombo Man Fake Ice flowers violet 10000,-_.jpg
Kombo Man Ice flowers black fifty-fifty 12000,-_detail.jpg
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