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“Delivering the right product is every company’s dream. But what does this mean? For us, it has always meant expressing our identity in regard to customer tastes. And beyond the concept of pure aesthetics and decorative function, sustainability, lifespan and ethicality are fundamental. The success of Arrmet’s products has been won – and is won every day – working within these boundaries.”

Arrmet was founded in Gorizia, producing metal furniture for communal use in 1960, in 1975 they moved to Manzano and today there´s always something new.

Curiosity has always been part of company DNA. Arrmet love to work with designers that have diverse backgrounds, origins and styles.  In the universe of arrmet there are no rules or trends. There are languages - that of designers and the universal language of design. Then there is Arrmet language, whose task is to hold ideas and reality together, project and object, seats and tables, in a dialogue that knows no boundaries and where each part reflects the whole. And beauty lies precisely in its diversity.

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